Thursday, September 13, 2007

My Left Foot

On the day I sprained my left foot I thought I was still in control as my feet had stationed me with a sense of purpose all this time. I had never sprained a foot in my life. After all, I was a newcomer on my way to finding a job, renting an apartment, finding a new life in Pittsburgh, and trying to explain to my husband some of the cultural nuances I even found foreign after an eighteen year absence while living overseas.

And down I came together with my mother's adage: 'Don't be a worry bug, be a happy bug' as I tried to balance my son's stroller yet missed the step and banging my knee in the process.

I am not used to taking ginger steps. I am used to doing things my way, somewhat of an impulsive nature, knowing that my feet will always station me with stability. Well, my left foot was wavering in those first five minutes then the swelling and black and blue marks starting to appear, then emergency room visits, crutches. Yep, I was no longer in control.

First it was my left eye and the erosion and now my left foot. Why is it that when physical mishaps occur, I suddenly start realizing the importance of life?

Well, this is what I am learning:

1. We are a family and we are in this together.

2. Never underestimate the power of a child's love.

3. Watch out where you walk - and in my case, where you step.

Obviously, I am still learning, so that is a good sign as all good learning should be. My toddler son is starting way earlier than me. After dinner tonight, he placed the ice-pack around a towel and guess where? On my left foot.

This post has been submitted to the Write-Away contest at Michele's blog. The subject of this month's theme is about 'learning.'


Scribbit said...

Thanks so much, I myself tend to be one of those "worry bugs" :)

Robin said...

What a sweetie Ivry is.

Hope your foot is feeling better today and that the new year brings less of this type of thing and more of the good stuff.

Jo said...

Also a worry bug here. I love the rhythm of this piece, and the insight, and the ending was just fabulous! Hope you're back on both feet in no time at all. Oh and thanks for stopping by :)

My Ice Cream Diary said...

Awww, your little guy is so sweet!